Saturday, June 14, 2014

Give me Your vision

Give me Your ‪#‎vision‬
cause I wanna see where You are and where I'm going
Give me more revelation
Cause I wanna understand why and how I'm still loving
Though the times they keep on changing 
You stay the same throughout the ages
Oh I see all else fading fast
But I know You will last
Vision is always the reason why I can move
Give me Your eyes so that I can see why I need nothing but You
Hold me up while my tears fall
Cause I'm weaker than I though and I know You're strong
Take me far into the future
So my wounded heart can see beyond this and into Yours
And with a word You've changed my heart and my mind
With Your love I'm no longer blind
And I will forever seek Your truth
Cause You are the reason why

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